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I am an enthusiastic swiss-army knife who loves everything creative. If you need Creative Video Editing, 2D Animations or Project Management ranging from boutique to corporate, you are in the right place!


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Video Editing|Motion Graphics

Creative Production|Project Management

Wella is a giant of hair care for salon professionals. During my two years at Fondness I've worked with this brand on a daily basis and grew to manage and help produce projects like TrendVision Award. 

Creative Video Editing|Motion Graphics 

This brand doesn't need an introduction in the UK. It has been great fun to work on the 2022 Commonwealth Games social media assets.
I've loved designing and animating these assets and developing a new intro and outro animation that has been adopted by the brand outside this campaign. 


Video Editing|Motion Graphics

Creative Production|Storyboarding

Beatchain is a growing start-app with a focus on helping emerging artists thrive. During my two years at Fondness I've jumped in and helped in a variety of projects, pitching in with anything that was needed from creative production to storyboarding, to motion graphics and of course editing.


Creative Video Editing | Motion Graphics

Oh how much fun I had with this one! I made this short video as part of the interviewing process. The task was to make a 30s social media video out of a zoom interview. I was also provided with a blog post about the interview for extra context.

In today's social media jungle there are three key things you should always consider for your content: it has to stand out with originality; it has to give as much information in little time (but it has to be realistically digestible in that little time); it has to work with and without audio.

The blog post was the inspiration to create something that stood out from the usual split screen zoom call we've seen one to many times since lockdown, making it fun and dynamic and highlighting the salient points the author originally wanted to prioritise.

Showing the blog’s headline quickly contextualised it, the chapter headings summarise the words of the interviewee (freeing the video from heavy subtitling that’s often too much to read in a short time) and scrolling up and down the page makes it dynamic and eye-catching.

As a cheeky bonus, all the key information is always in the middle of the screen, making this work both in vertical and square format - this way you avoid wasting resources in resizing rounds.

Videographer|Video Editing 

Creative Production|Account Management

LOGO ADE2019 RBG from web.png

Acqua dell'Elba is an Italian luxury fragrance brand. While at Fondness, I've been involved in pitching to and winning this international client, after which I've been managing the account. It has been a great adventure to help with the creative production and being the videographer on our shoots on the beautiful Italian island of Elba.

 Video Editing | Motion Graphics

Script Writing | Storyboarding

BMI is a global Roofing and Waterproofing company, it has been a great place for my first corporate experience. Here I worked mostly on internal communication videos, but also had the chance to work on one of my favourite projects to date: Courtney's Story.

For this, I could experiment with script writing and storyboarding, working closely with Courtney to tell her inspiring story.

Simone Gallorini, my line manager at the time, has once again been a great guide and a brilliant videographer for this project.


Transcreation Production | Rotoscoping | Project Managing

MinutiDiFisica and MinutiDellaTerra are the official Italian Youtube channels of MinutePhysics and MinuteEarth, two successful educational channels.
In 2016 I wanted to share their great content with my Italian friends, and had the privilege of putting together a dream-team of professional translators, scientific proof readers and dubbers.

I took care of the on-screen translation with some freshly-learned After Effects magic and reached out to the channels to get rights to open the Italian branch. It has been my first experience producing and managing an intricate team, and we successfully brought to life educational videos to a high standard of transcreation and voice acting.


 Creative Video Editing | Motion Graphics

Lucky Trip is a new and growing travel booking start-app. I've been asked to make a 10s video that follow the same style and feel of the other brand's video, choose a destination, research it, source the footage and put together a quick, fast paced video to promote the destination. 


 Videographer | Creative Video Editing

Seacily is a short video homage of my home's sea side, ever present in our life growing up - a video scrap album of calm, happy memories.


You made it all the way to the end of the portfolio, I applaud your commitment!

If you've found the easter egg on the landing page, this isn't news for you: while doing

very serious work, I like to serve a side of

dumb humour. 

In chilled times and stressed times a cheap pun

might be ping-ponging in our chats. If this is

your jam, you're my peanut butter.

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-16 at 10.20.59 AM.jpeg

Please enjoy a silly video from 2017 made to apply for a gig in lovely Australia. Pardon the poor sound quality and the occasional image jump: I wrote and put together the video in less than 24h.


You would think that finding out about an application that requires making from scratch two videos, one essay and a cover letter three days before deadline would put anyone off, but free travel across the globe will make for a very motivated sleep-free Linda. 

For a little context, the assignment was to put together a funny fake ad convincing my compatriots to spend their holiday

money in Australia.



I’ve started my freelance journey after helping to grow a startup agency (Fondness - they're cool and you should check them out). I’ve been lucky to kick it off as a Senior Campaign Manager for the Rolex team at Hogarth Worldwide, where I’ve met amazing people and learned more than I could hope for.

With five years’ professional experience as a Video Editor and Creative Producer, I’m comfortable working out of my comfort zone, taking on tasks such as research, creating briefs, project management and even management of entire accounts. I've been involved in business development, presenting to new clients and winning new business. I've led talented animators, editors, designers, translators and dubbers around the world in team sizes ranging from boutique to corporate.

Throw me a new challenge and I will learn how to do it and deliver quickly, usually with a side of dumb humour. I enjoy diving into the details and engaging with clients at all levels. I’ve managed complex and mission-critical projects for global brands like Wella, Rolex and BMI. Drop me a message - I'm always up for a chat and for the next challenge!

Creative Video Editing


Motion Graphics


Project Managing

Hogarth Worldwide - Rolex
2022 | Freelance

Senior Campaign Manager - Rolex Team


Joined the Rolex team at Hogarth Worldwide to support them for two months as a stop-gap in between hires. Liaising with the Client, third party agencies and production teams to produce and deliver TV and Online advertisement to global markets.

2019 - 2020 | Full Time

Video Editor

Editing, Color Correction, Scripting, Sound Editing, Motion Graphics, VR Editing. Editing interviews and event promotional videos for Intranet with Premiere Pro. Designed and animated logo reveal for internal and external use with After Effects. Edited 30 minute videos in 4k for offices throughout the company. Created engaging animated Case Studies for social media with After Effects. Curated graphic content and banners with Photoshop. Wrote testimonial videos of employees, translating individual life experiences in an engaging story where personal life goals and experiences blend in a short and effective script; then edited, sound mixed and color corrected the videos.

Passion projects                  

2014 - present


Creative Video editor, Videographer & Script Writer

I’ve set my eyes on video editing softwares back in 2014. Since then  I would go out in my beautiful Sicily, point my camera to the beauty that surrounded me and  bringing it all together through the power of editing. From there, I’ve explored and grown my skills, writing scripts and creating different styles of videos, from sketches to alternative tourism advertisment. It’s been a great adventure!

Fondness - Lucozade     
July 2022 | Freelance


Creative Video Editor & Motion Graphic designer


After two years helping to grow the start-app creative agency Fondness full time, I had the pleasure to come back as a freelancer to support them during their amazing growth sprint, working on videos for Lucozade.

2020 - 2022 | Full time


Creative Video Editor & Creative Producer


It’s a big list, get ready:
I did video editing, animation, creative production, shooting and photo retouching. After one year, I took on tasks such as research, creating briefs, project management and even entire account management. I've been involved in business development, presenting to new clients and winning new business. I've led teams of professional animators, editors and designers.

2016 - 2021 | Freelance

Producer & creative video editor

In collaboration with the established educational youtube challens MinutePhysics and MinuteEarth, sourced and managed a team of professionals to create the Italian sister channels MINUTIDIFISICA and MINUTIDELLATERRA. I’ve managed through a tightly collaborative team of dubbers, translators and proof readers, while at the same time personally curating all the video magic to translate hand-written sentences on film. Created respective Facebook pages and overseen community management both there and on YoutTube. Brought the channels from zero to over 7.9k subscribers, exclusively through organic growth and a part-time publishing schedule.


2006 -2008

Photo Editing / masking

For a fistful of Euros a very young me would spend hours figuring out Photoshop and masking out photos for the

newspaper L’IMMAGINARIO.


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